Three Steps to a Better Closet on a Budget

Life as a twenty-something in New York City is rough. With the grand lifestyle projected by city dwellers, it can be hard to keep up. Everyone seems to have great jobs, cool friends, and somehow still have pocket money to spend on trendy outfits. Well, looks can be deceiving. As a broke college student who has grown up in the glitz and glam of the fashion industry, I give you my 3 steps to a better closet on a budget.

1. Shop for YOUR body
Living in a world where you open your phone and people are telling you how you’re supposed to look sets you up for a disappointing reality when shopping. Though diversity in fashion is catching on, Instagram and 16-year old influencers still make for unrealistic beauty standards. (Like it’s 2021, people come in all shapes and sizes thank yeww!) You can look amazing no matter what size you wear just remember to SHOP FOR YOUR BODY TYPE instead of simply buying the outfits off a mannequin who is sized like a middle schooler who just went through a growth spurt.
2. ~ Basics ~
While this one seems a little counterintuitive when trying to build an envy-worthy closet, a good pair of jeans and a plain top can take you a long way! (Besides, minimalism is in.) My advice to all my fashion-challenged friends is to start with these basics:
3 jeans: light wash, medium wash, and black. These babies should last you multiple seasons so the cost of a good pair of jeans will be worth it in the long run.
A basic black and a basic white top (length depends on the season but remember you can always layer to save a bit of money from summer to fall)
A quality pair of white sneakers – they might not seem very fashionable but beauty doesn’t always need to be pain!
These pieces, though basic, will be versatile when it comes to making multiple outfits out of a limited wardrobe. When trying to find these items, make sure to refer to #1 because the clothes YOU feel good in will always make a comeback!
No matter what you’re wearing, if you don’t wear it with confidence it will show and not in a good way. If this means choosing your comfort zone over new fashion trends so be it! There is a reason models can work the crazy fits they’re put in on the runway and trust me it’s not because the outfits are just lowkey cute.

Like a good wardrobe on a budget, confidence can be difficult to build up but these two things can go hand in hand: a good outfit can bring confidence, and confidence can make or break an outfit. In both cases, we can fake it till we make it and I’m here to help so stick around and get Styled By A. Skye.


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