PSA: Shopping Can Be Affordable!!!

If you’re anything like me, the act of shopping probably brings you great joy… but then you get to check out. Prices are a huge part of why looking good can be so hard. The fashion industry is one built off gatekeeping. If everyone looks good then good becomes average in this world of exterior appearances. The exclusivity of the fashion world is what keeps its inhabitants thriving but I’m going to show you a few ways to open these doors for yourself.


  1. Remember brand names aren’t everything. I know I find myself instinctively going to all the most talked-about shops first when looking for new clothes but in reality, the styles found at Urban Outfitters can be found at H&M for a quarter of the price. Try swapping buys from Brandy Melville, UO, and Lululemon for the following:
    1. Target – dresses, matching sets, tops, swimsuits.
    2. Fruit of the Loom – street style/ athleisure (men’s larger sizes fit best for the oversized look)
    3. Amazon – athletic sets, “trendy tops”, and even sneaker dupes! (Rely on reviews for this one but some of my best affordable finds were from here.)


  1. If you just can’t part with brand names try thrifting them instead. (Just avoid SoHo thrift shops because they are a huge ripoff!) Some great-priced thrift stores with real gems are L Train Vintage and even Goodwill’s online shop.


  1. In all transparency, I do still shop at the trendy stores even though I think it’s ridiculous to pay $50 for a sweatshirt with the Champion logo on it. So if you MUST I highly recommend following them on social media and subscribing to their email list. While it is quite annoying to be receiving emails from them daily, they often contain promo codes in their posts and emails which I collect for later use. Start a notes folder with all their past promo codes saved because companies almost always use the same codes (and occasionally forget to remove the discount that goes with them.) 


  1. THIS IS NOT AN AD but Honey is honestly my secret weapon when online shopping. It’s a chrome extension that automatically applies all the coupon codes it has on file when you check out. This extension has quite literally saved me hundreds of dollars and is a free resource!


Now that I’ve spilled the beans, I hope you can apply this how-to guide to your shopping ventures. Engage in some guilt-free retail therapy, we all know we can use it after the year we’ve been through!

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    How do I get style like this?



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