Spring/ Summer 2021: Fads or Fab

What is your telltale sign that Spring is here? For me it’s Easter. And with a new season quickly approaching comes new fashion trends! Vogue released a list of 12 of the hottest trends spotted on the Spring/ Summer 2021 runways. As I’m sure we’ve all experienced, some trends just turn into cringe-worthy fads. I’m here to make sure what little money we have isn’t being wasted on one-season-wears. Keep scrolling to see which SP/SU 2021 trends I think are worth the buy-in!

B&W by Giambattista Valli, Bralette by Emporio Armani, Midriff Flossing by Michael Kors


As they say, time will tell and in this case, time has told us repeatedly that black and white will always come back! Black and white is a classic and can be worn season after season the the verdict is BUY


Not going to lie, I have already given into this trend but in my defense the bralettes I use I bought in 2014. My advice for this one is not to buy the embellished bralettes because they’ll go out of style like our bedazzled Limited Too jeans did. Go for minimalist bralettes that you can also layer with sweaters and low-cut shirts later on. Verdict: BUY (cautiously)

Midriff flossing

This is simply the strappy trend reincarnate. Personally, I would only buy clothes along this trend if the straps could easily be concealed for multiple season use. The final verdict is Fad.

Maxi Dress by Alberto Ferreti, Wide-legged Pants by Chanel, Cape by Alberto Ferreti

Flowy maxi dresses

I love this one, honestly. Though maxi dresses don’t hit the trend list every year it is a classic. Great for beachwear and can be reworn for nice dinners or Sunday brunches. You can also make these fall/winter-friendly by pairing them with a leather jacket! BUY

Wide-legged pants 

After having skin-tight denim being the only socially acceptable pants all throughout my adolescents, the baggier the better. I feel like comfy always comes back but don’t go crazy they’re not as versatile as we want our pants to be! These are definitely statement pieces. Buy (in reasonable quantities)

Cape detailing

Don’t come for me but unless you’re going to a gala once a week this trend won’t even be applicable to you. Just like the turtle neck scarf trend, I don’t think this one will last the season and definitely not multiple seasons. Fad


Like the wide-legged pants, sequins are a statement piece. A couple good pieces for when you want all eyes on you will have you set for life. Buy but literally no more than three pieces on classic styles.

Cutouts as seen on the runways SP/SU 2021


Cutouts are a big no-no for me. If you don’t have a cash flow that allows for yearly wardrobe swaps, cutouts will be a huge waste. If you need further convincing, please refer to the cold shoulder trend of the 2010s. *Keyholes and subtle cutouts are not applicable to the previously stated opinion* (refer to the picture for examples of SP/SU 2021 cutouts) Fad 


The corset trend is a huge hit and thanks to Amazon you can get them for $12! I like this trend because corsets fit really nicely and accentuate all the right spots. Even if the corset trend goes out of style you can often wear them more like a bodysuit/ cami style top by layering outerwear. Buy

Comfy glam

Honestly, this trend really confuses me. Comment below if you can help me get a better understanding but from what I’m understanding it’s wearing very casual items of clothing with typically nicer pieces like dresses and skirts. I’m not a fan but if you wanted to participate I’m sure you already have a sweatshirt and dress at home. FAD. 

Fishnet detailing

A little fishnet here or there can really edge up your look but buying main pieces in the netting style is not ideal. First off, you’ll probably have to buy additional pieces to wear specifically with the netted, and at the end of the day, this won’t be a long-term staple. Fad


While the only thing more simple than stripes is solids this is a statement piece. It will come back year-to-year but don’t stock your closets! Too many striped pieces will have you looking like a middle-aged housewife sooner than you’d like. Also, be wary that the direction and placement of the stripes can accentuate your body in both positive and negative ways!! Buy

DISCLAIMER: This blog obviously isn’t a high fashion blog and a lot of these styles were pulled from big-name designers. I do appreciate a lot of these styles but from my point of view not all of them translate to daily streetwear.

I’d love to get a sense of your styles so let me know in the comments:)


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