The Best Accessory to Add to ANY Outfit: Confidence!

Not to sound like the stereotypical mom in any coming of age film, but you know how they’re always telling their kid to have confidence in themselves and others will see it? Well, they’re right. Not only does high self-esteem improve overall life quality but it also shows through any outfit you wear. *I read the life quality part on Snapchat news once but I’m sure it’s true.*

Okay, I know it’s easier said than done. Gaining confidence is a long-term process but having it really does make or break an outfit so let’s get started!

The Comfort Zone

First, dressing in outfits that your comfortable with will give you more assurance because there is less to be thinking about. Trends don’t always fit within your comfort zone though so try easing out of your comfort zone with little changes. Here are some things you can start with: 

  1. Progressively adding more jewelry. A lot of the street style trends right now consist of big chunky jewelry and while I love the look it felt too edgy for my typically bare hands so I started with one and added on as I became more comfortable.

    How it started… Gold Rings- Admirable Jewels, Pearl Ring- street fair

    How it’s going Rings Left to Right- Mejuri, thrift, Mejuri, Mejuri

  2. Start with small pieces before you break out the big guns. Again, moto jackets and leather pants, a crazy cute look… that intimidated the crap out of me. So I started with small pieces like leather boots and a bag, worked up to adding the jacket, and soon enough I was confident enough to rock the whole leather look!
  3. Ease yourself out of skinny jeans. @ MILLENIALS skinny–>straight–> mom–> wide legs. Once you’ve gotten this far, go crazy try out the flare or bell bottom styles!

Fake It Till You Make It!

Closed Posture
Clothes- Pico Vela

Because it does take a while when working on your self-esteem, here’s a tip to look more confident than you really are: a big giveaway for confidence is body language. Be aware of your mannerisms so you know what messages you are portraying to others! Simple things like posture, arm placement, and stance can subliminally tell others how you feel. To display confidence, hold an open body position: an upright posture (shoulders back!), arms to your sides or not closed off crossing them, and a firm shoulder-width stance. The opposite (hunched posture, crossed arms, and feet together) literally shows others that you are drawn to yourself and don’t feel fully comfortable. The key to really pulling off an outfit is making it look effortless so if you don’t look comfortable you’re all ready losing points.

Open Posture
Clothes- Pico Vela

“Fake it till you make it” is an outdated saying and doesn’t apply to everything but at least in my experience faking confidence really does lead to actual confidence. So I know it’s a long journey but I hope these tips help you to get started and allow you to be more comfortable expressing yourself through fashion. If you have any confidence-boosting tips of your own drop them in the comments:)

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