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Denim for Every Occasion

As a student in New York, I have a lot going on at once. One day, B.C. (before covid), can consist of going to school, lunch with friends, internships, errands, and god forbid it’s a Friday and I have weekend plans in the afternoon as well! Planning outfits for each of these events can be exhausting, not to mention how…

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Spring/ Summer 2021: Fads or Fab

What is your telltale sign that Spring is here? For me it’s Easter. And with a new season quickly approaching comes new fashion trends! Vogue released a list of 12 of the hottest trends spotted on the Spring/ Summer 2021 runways. As I’m sure we’ve all experienced, some trends just turn into cringe-worthy fads. I’m here to make sure what…

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PSA: Shopping Can Be Affordable!!!

If you’re anything like me, the act of shopping probably brings you great joy… but then you get to check out. Prices are a huge part of why looking good can be so hard. The fashion industry is one built off gatekeeping. If everyone looks good then good becomes average in this world of exterior appearances. The exclusivity of the…

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